Do you go ape for apps?

I really try to limit the number of apps on my iPhone because I usually have so many photos on it that take up memory space. Yes, I am horrible when it comes to moving my photos over to the cloud or wherever the heck I put them. However, I have one app that I downloaded for work, and it quickly became a favorite personal app too.

Take a look at the Scanner Pro app in your App Store.  It looks like this.

This app will quickly scan a digital version of a paper document and create a pdf file. It seriously takes clear photos with very little distortion. I often use it on the go when a party to a real estate transaction needs a document. I simply pull out my file, locate the document, open the app, take the photo and lastly, create the pdf. Then off it goes in an email to the recipient. Talk about easy, fast and not missing a beat.

Now enter children into the picture. The lovely teenager is at school and forgot the signed field trip permission slip or whatever. No problem. Out comes my phone, and I put the Scanner Pro app to work. The forgotten permission slip is delivered to his email account within minutes. Problem solved. I have scanned receipts, recipes and so much more to access digitally at a later time.

If you give it a try, be sure to let me know how you like it.