Where’s the Beef?

If you aren’t a vegetarian, who doesn’t like a good burger? I’m picky about the burgers I eat; just ask my husband and sons. They know how seldom  I order a burger when we eat out.  I usually make my own patties for grilling at home, but I’m up for trying restaurant burgers when they come highly recommended.

Now I introduce you to Northern Neck Burger, https://nnburger.com/, with locations in both Kilmarnock and Tappahannock.

   I can’t even remember who first told me about NN Burger, but I’m sure glad they did. Oh how I love their burgers. I really should say burger because I am that highly predictable person who orders the same thing most of the time at a given restaurant. At NN Burger, that same thing would be the NN “No Nonsense” Bacon Cheeseburger. I think the special creamy “NN” sauce makes it, but that’s just me talking.

  Why not add NN Twister Chips to the meal, right? A couple of people can share an order. Yes, the serving is that big. My favorites are the Queso and The Local. Around coastal Virginia, Old Bay Seasoning is used like salt and pepper, and there is plenty of Old Bay on The Local.

I like to make a pit stop at the Tappahannock location when I’m heading up route 17 to Fredericksburg or points northward. Over Memorial Day weekend, we decided to have lunch at NN Burger in Kilmarnock. Of course, we hit at the peak lunch hour, and it was insanely busy with Rivah weekenders kicking off the beginning of the summer season. We had about an hour wait for our food (much longer than a typical wait so I don’t want to scare you), and we passed the time watching a professional cornhole tournament on the flatscreen. That was a first for the four of us. We like to play cornhole out by the pool, but these players were much more serious about their game. Ahh, I digress. Back to burgers!

Yes, you will be quite full when you are done with your meal. You can help walk off that stuffed feeling with a stroll along the shopping strip around the corner from NN Burger. Some of the shops were closed the Sunday we went, but we visited a few and tried on some “Bubba Boots. If the shoe fits, wear it. Right?


What’s your favorite burger joint? I’d love to hear from you. I know your dying to share your favorite place.

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